Beware of BTC MINER scam? (,,, scams? (Read my review)

Is BTCMiner a Scam or legit?

I became aware of bitcoin over 5 years ago, yet I never got involved because I could not understand it. Recently I started to understand it and started considering getting into this bitcoin and crypto currency movemeant. I started sewing how its value was rising. I watched it go from less than a dollar a coin to over $14,000 a coin and down. It is today at over $9000 cash value. Watching how it climbed so high, and did not go back down to where it started it, I was definitely convinced that I need to get involved. I started to search for ways to get involved.

I came across, where I they say they will let you mine 0.0006btc/$4-5 a day for free. The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 btc. They also showed that they have a few upgrade options that you can purchase to allow them to mine larger quantities at a faster pace. I fell for it, I enter my bitcoin wallet address and hit the button that said start mining. From that day forth I have been watching the mining numbers on the site go up by 0.0006 a day as promised. I checked it daily. By the third day of checking, I noticed that the domain changed. I would type in, but it would take me to, this happened for days. Well this morning, I reached the minimum withdrawal amount and attempted to make a withdrawal.

I put in my bitcoin address and hit withdrawal. I got a message saying the withdrawal is pending and that I had 2 accounts with the company when only 1 account is permited. That was at 8am. It is now 6pm. While attempting to make the withdrawal, I also attempted to contact the company by clicking on the contacts form, to explain to them that I did create 2 acounts because I was not aware of the 1 account thing. I sent the message and have not gotten a reply or any email confirmation. They say that its a ticket you are submitting when contacting them, but when I hit submit ticket, I did not get a ticket number or any response whatsoever. The amount was withdraw-ed, but it did not go into my bitcoin wallet address.

I have to admit, I was excited when I saw btc being mined and my account increasing daily. I was planning to use the free earnings to upgrade. Now I see that this is 100% a scam and a ponzi scheme. I say ponzi scheme because they have an affiliate program, where they claim to pay you to refer people. Affiliate marketing is a real opportunity, but theirs is a plan to  waste your time and rob you. Yet in the long run you only lose time, which is not much. Yet the danger is in the fact that they now have your bitcoin wallet address, which caused me to have to go and change the password on my bitcoin wallet. I figure by them scamming and robbing me, they would have scammed and robbed anyone i refer to them.

The one thing that made them look legit was the fact that they had the logos of some legitimate companies like coinbase, localbitcoins, and blockchain on their front page. Yet that does not mean nothing. In reality they just copied and pasted those logos on their front page to look good and trick people. Yet they have no affiliation with these companies.

After I realized what was going on, I went on google and checked the reviews, and the reviews ended up saying that its a scam. I usually do the research before, but I wanted to try the system out myself and see what it is really about based on experience. From that experience this is what I  found that makes it a scam.

Here is the proof that makes them a scam;

  1. they do not ask you to create an account using email address
  2. they do not have an account verification process
  3. the fact that they  i received a message saying that the withdrawal is pending and a message saying that I had 2 accounts with them, shows that there are real people behind this, and they are crooks and thieves.
  4. the fact that the minimum withdrawal amount was deducted from the total mined amount, shows that the earnings are real and that they are mining btc, yet they are taking the withdrawals and transferring it to their bitcoin wallets
  5. the fact that they use so many different websites is a red flag because if they were legit, they would only need one site
  6. when I tried to contact them and got sent to the submit a ticket page, there is no ticket confirmation number, yet they have a small section that ask for a ticket pin number to check statuses of submitted tickets

Here is what you need to know about bitcoin and how you can protect yourself from things like this from happening to you, if you are interested in Bitcoin and crypto currencies;

  • In order to participate in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, you will need a bitcoin wallet to do transactions from. With a bitcoin wallet you can send and receive bitcoins to people and companies that accept bitcoin for their products and services
  • do not share your bitcoin wallet address and login information with anyone you can not trust
  • do research on the company first, even after reading a good review and being referred to legit companies, still do your own individual research.
  • Save any emails regarding any invoices, contracts, and transactions.

Bitcoin is a legit currency and a very good opportunity to make money in. Bitcoin has made and is still making people rich, even creating millionaires. There are many companies accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for their products and services. Bitcoin is 100% legit, yet you have to be cautious by simply doing the few things I mentioned above.

To sum things up, if you come across anything from,,, and, ignore it. They are all scams. All they want to do is use you and rob you of your time.

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